A few technical notes to make things go smoothly with the survey:

  • The survey can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Use the BACK and CONTINUE buttons to move within the survey. Do NOT use your browser buttons, as this could interrupt the survey and your responses could be lost.
  • It is best if you can complete the entire survey without closing your browser window.
  • If the survey is inactive for 60+ minutes, it will close and your answers may be lost.
  • For some pages, you may need to scroll down to respond to all questions on the screen.
  • At the end of each section, you can add any additional information or comments that you think would be helpful for the PSAM team to know.
  • Your opinions are very important. Your name will not be associated in any way with your answers. All responses are confidential.

Why can’t I access the survey with my browser?

Because the survey is developed in a Qualtrics survey tool, and hosted online, you will be working on your survey within a browser. Your browser can sometimes affect the performance of the survey software. Read these instructions on how to make sure your browser runs smoothly.

Clearing the Cache

Almost all of the answers below refer to “clearing the cache.” The cache is shorthand for browsing history. Clearing the cache is simple, but the steps depend on the operating system that you are using –Windows, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Some online guides to clearing the cache for almost every operating system that exists today include:



Problem: The screen says that I’ve already taken the survey.

Solution: Shared Computer or Personal Computer

  • If you’re on a shared computer: This means that someone before you was working on the survey and did not clear the cache, also known as the browsing history. You will need to clear the cache yourself. See Clearing the Cache above, for guidance on clearing the cache for different operating systems.
  • If you’re on a personal computer: This means that you might have completed or started a survey earlier. You will need to clear the cache and start again. See the Note, above, for instructions on clearing the cache for different operating systems.

Problem: I'm on a shared computer and I’m done. Is there anything else I need to do?


Yes. You must clear the cache (see above). This will ensure that your responses remain confidential and that your colleagues can participate in the survey on this computer after you.

Problem: I need to finish the survey at some other time.

Solution: It is highly recommended that you complete the survey in one sitting (estimated time, 30 minutes or less), but below are troubleshooting solutions if an interruption is unavoidable.

  • If you are on a shared computer: Again, we don’t recommend this. But, if it’s unavoidable, exit by hitting the “X” on the upper right hand corner and clear the cache. (See “Note,” above, for instructions.) You will need to take the whole survey again at another time.
  • If you are on a personal computer: You should be able to get into your survey later and resume where you left off if you use the same computer and you have not cleared the cache. Simply exit by hitting the “X” on the upper right corner. If you return to the survey and you get a message that you’ve completed the survey, you will need to clear the cache and start again. See above for instructions on clearing the cache for different operating systems.